newest k2 store big banner What is the drug K2?

The drug known as “K2 Herb″ is sold as herbal incense in just about any gas station or headshop you look in.  K2 is made with a chopped blend of herbs and botanicals and is then mixed with a synthetic cannabinoid.  Some of the synthetic cannabinoids in the drug K2 are illegal due to a recent DEA ban.  JWH-018 is the main chemical, but 5 were banned in all.

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There is other cannabinoids not covered by the ban, and these are being used to make new, legal k2 drug blends.  Unless the Government administers an analog ban of some sort making all ‘incense’ drugs illegal, then the creators will just keep making new legal blends to get around the bans.

K2 is a drug similar to marijuana, but it is not a ‘substitute’ or ‘mimic’ in any way.  Sure it gets you high if you inhale it, but it is a much different high then that of Pot.  There are hundreds of different blends of this drug, but the name that most people know is K2 drug blend.